What Our Customers Say!

“The Yarn Tamer is great! It is so portable that it fits nicely in my knitting bag and I no longer have tangled yarn as I knit! I highly recommend the Yarn Tamer.” ~Laura

“I really love using this handy tool. It sits right in front of me as I knit, and the yarn spins off the spool so easily. I often would be searching for the ball under the couch or re-winding after the dog got at it. Thanks for coming up with the great idea.” ~Jayne

“I love my Tamer.” ~Victoria, Millbrae, CA

“The Yarn Tamer arrived on Saturday. I used it yesterday and I like it. Such a clever idea!!! l like that it turns so smoothly especially as I was using a rather heavy yarn. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. I’m putting a picture of it on my “stash” page on Ravelry for others to see it.” ~Susan, Oconomowoc, WI

“I really like this little gadget, even took it to my weekly knit nite, fit nicely in the bottom of my bag, yarn stayed on the spindle, no problems, great idea.” ~Jane

“The Yarntamer works great for ball-wound yarn so you don’t have to do center pull. I tug on my yarn and my Yarntamer allows free-flowing feed. IT IS WONDERFUL! Fits great in my knitting bag too.” ~Jeannette – South San Francisco, CA

“I have been enjoying my Yarn Tamer for the last hour. I absolutely love it. You really don’t charge enough for this VERY clever gadget. I started a new project with very soft yarn, and the Yarn Tamer helps immensely to keep a good tension. I will definitely be ordering the double Tamer in the near future” ~Cheryl

“I received my Yarn Tamer on Monday, and have been using it today. It works like a dream. I love it!”  ~Karen

“I absolutely love this device. I am working on a vest with two different yarns, and it has been a big help in keeping the yarns from twisting around each other, and also handy as I can set it up on my work surface without the device slipping.

I am very pleased and am showing it and talking about it to all my knitting community.  I saw someone using a single ball holder at one of my knitting groups and am so glad I ordered one.”  ~Gisela

“Years ago I used a heavy wood paper towel holder when crocheting with fine thread. That just didn’t work out for heavier yarn. I thought your design was incredibly simple, but you have mastered the dimensions so it doesn’t tip when pulling on yarn, nor does the gadget move on my table. I’ve tried to get you lots of orders, but have no way of knowing just who may have purchased because of my posts.”  ~Cheryl

“Love the yarntamer. What a great addition to my needlework tool box. Keeps my yarn tangle-free. Previously I pulled the center strand from the skein and was always plagued with tangles. Now I can use the outside strand and it freely turns on the yarntamer with no tangles at all. Thanks for such a superb product.” ~Dan

“The tamers (2) arrived safe and sound and have already proved themselves worth every penny. They wound three balls of yarn that I’d given up on! Thanks for the great sevice and the newspaper you used to cushion them. They were crinkled but still made intersting reading.” Blessings. ~Ann

“I love my Yarn Tamer! I have been crocheting for over 25 years and this is the best thing I have ever used to keep my yarn clean and tangle free. Thank you so much!” ~Patty

“Well, it’s almost 4pm on Sunday afternoon here and I am happily knitting away using my fantastic Yarn Tamer which was delivered on Friday. Now I have tangle-free yarn that my kitten can’t run off with!  Thank you so much for your swift and polite service, Elysian. I am very pleased with the Yarn Tamer.” ~Joanne, United Kingdom

“I love it!! I am not sure how I ever knitted without it.” ~Darlene

“I just started using it today so I was waiting to send you a note, but it’s absolutely GREAT. The rubber tip makes all the difference. It helps to keep my tension even, keeps my yarn from becoming tangled, and I don’t have to keep yanking to pull more yarn from the ball. And you are so sweet to have personalized the disk just for me:-)!! I wanted to “like” it on Pinterest and Ravelry, but I didn’t see a link to either on your site. I will certainly be recommending it to all my friends at my local yarn store though. And at some point, when I become more advanced and start knitting brioche or two colors, I will definitely purchase a double yarn tamer as well. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE it and how even more pleasant knitting has become!! Thank you so much again!” ~Anne

“I have been using the yarn tamer and it is wonderful. The yarn feed out evenly and makes it a pleasure to knit. Thank you.” ~Liz

“Thank you so much! I’m tired of my yarn falling on the floor in dog hair when I try to unwind it. I’m excited!” ~Denise

“Well, I wanted to let you know I finished my Lion pound of love blanket and started a new blanket using Red Heart Super Saver and the yarn tamer was wonderful! Apparently the Lion skeins are just looser and tend to bunch at the bottom. Not a problem at all with the super saver skeins. It really made my crocheting a much easier experience! So, thank you but I love my yarn tamer. (And I’m determined to find a way to make it work on my Lion yarns since I have 6 more skeins of it!) ~Gloria

“I’m enjoying using the Yarn Tamer. I described to my husband just what I needed, but he didn’t get around to making one. Then I ran across an ad for the Yarn Tamer. Good for you! Works like a charm. Thanks.” ~Sandra

“I made a scarf two weeks ago using Sashay Mini yarn. It’s a flat yarn and was twisting as I pulled it from the center. I wanted to make several more scarves for Christmas gifts and realized that I need a spool holder to keep it from twisting. I put the second skein on a long knitting needle and unwound it as I went but it wasn’t very efficient. So I looked on the internet and found your product. I have done two more scarves since I got it and it works great!

“I do use crochet thread a lot and have always wound it into a ball first so it is easier to use. Now I won’t have to do that–I’ll just use the Yarn Tamer.” ~Beth

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my double tall Yarn Tamer. I’m addicted to sock knitting and your Yarn tamer has allowed me to knit so much faster not having to stop and unwind my yarn cakes and deal with twisted yarn. Thanks for making such a terrific product, and thank you for the quick shipping.” ~Margaret

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